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Ellie Downie is at 16yrs old the youngest of the Doubledownies, she was born the year Becky started her gymnastics career & there is a seven year age difference between the sisters. As Ellie's mum was at the gym every day waiting for Becky to finish her sessions she thought it would be nice for Ellie to do a few preschool classes to pass the time never even thinking she would show a talent for elite.

Ellie was always a little daredevil showing no fear on any apparatus tho she hated conditioning & stretching with a passion as a young child . Her favourite events have always been vault and floor , she is a good powerful tumbler with excellent spacial awareness and over the past few years of her career Beam and bars have become strong pieces also, through hard work and determination , making her a very good All Around competitor now for herself & her team.

At Just Sixteen years old Ellie has already competed in many junior internationals For Team GB including Arques, EYOF, Europeans and The 2nd Youth Olympic Games. She is now in her first year as a senior and has helped to make history for British gymnastics on two occasions at both The European and world Championships in 2015. Firstly by becoming the first ever woman's Artistic Gymnast to medal at a European Championships in an AllAround & secondly being part of the first ever GB WAG Team to medal at a world championships.

Although Ellie has already realised some of her dreams she still has two BIG ambitions, become an Olympian & compete for England at a commonwealth Games.

Ellie loves the friendships she's made within her squad and enjoys her camps and trips away with her team . She loves to shop, watch movies tho she's not a fan of horror :) and have fun whether it be bowling, swimming ,eating out or spa days. Somehow through all her gym commitments she also managed to gain her GCSE 's which she is extremely proud of.

The only downside to the busy life of an Elite gymnast is injury & Ellie has experienced a few annoying periods in her gym career where this has hindered her. A prime example of this was missing out on trials for AYOF due to a broken thumb which she found difficult and frustrating time.

Ellie would like to thank everyone for their support on her gymnastics journey and feels very privileged to be part of British Gymnastics at this exciting history making time.

Ellie's Achievements

  • 2015 World Championships, History making Team Bronze Medallist, 2 time world finalist, vault 4th & floor 6th
  • 2015 European Championships Montpellier, Team silver medallist, AA Bronze making History for British Gymnastics . Vault & Bar finalist
  • 2015 British Championships (senior), AA bronze Medallist, silver vault & Bars
  • 2015 English Championships, Beam silver medallist
  • 2014 Youth Olympic Games Nanjing China, AA Bronze Medallist, vault silver medallist, Beam & floor Bronze Medallist
  • 2014 Junior European Championships Sofia, AA Bronze Medallist & Vault Champion, Team Silver medallist, Making History
  • 2014 British Championships (2nd year junior), Withdrawn due to injury
  • 2014 English Championships, AA 5th, floor silver medallist
  • 2013 Woga Classic Team Bronze & vault silver medallist
  • 2013 Brazil Vault 4th & floor 6th
  • 2013 World School Games Team Bronze Medallist, AA 6th, Bars Bronze
  • 2013 EYOF Team silver medallist, vault Champion & AA 4th
  • 2013 British Championships, AA bronze Medallist
  • 2013 English Championships (junior), AA Champion
  • 2012 English AA Champion
  • 2012 British Espoir AA Silver medallist & vault Champion
  • 2012 School games AA champion, team gold medallist + bars, beam floor & vault champion
  • 2012 Arques AA champion France
  • 2012 Woga Team bronze, silver medallist floor (Texas)
  • 2011 British Espoir 1st year, Withdrawn due to injury
  • 2010 Tierrenia international Training Camp selection with Catherine Lyons
  • 2010 British voluntary Level 2, Overall Champion
  • 2010 British compulsory Level 2, Silver Medallist
  • 2009 British Age Group Level 3, AA 6th
  • 2008 British Age Group Level 4, Overall Champion

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