Rio 2016

Rio 2016

Rio was an Amazing experience from beginning to end with highs , lows & a few disappointments for both sisters.
Beckys 2nd Olympic Games and qualifications did not go how she had hoped lightly catching her feet on a release on bars lost her valuable tenths & even with a credible score of over 15 put her in the place of 2nd reserve for the final ( gutting ).
Then a fall on beam , her next piece meant no Beam final also.
So just Team Final for Becky over the next week.

Ellie's 1st Olympics & her dream was now reality but again a mixed qualification all around for her. 
Bars & Beam both good strong performances finishing as 1st reserve for the beam final , then to floor and mid routine she suffered an uncharacteristic fall where she fell awkwardly on her head & neck.
Although she attempted to complete her routine she felt dizzy and left the floor before her last tumble being escorted out by the medical team to be checked over.
This resulted in a much lower floor score for her and ruled her out of the floor final.
However this was not the end of Ellie's qualifications determined to complete her competition & given the all clear to compete she appeared back on the floor for Vault not her best score but made 2nd reserve for the vault final and as an added bonus after such a mixed competition made The All Around Final later in the week !!!!!!! ( fabulous )

Next for the sisters was Team final ,today Beckys Bars were beautiful giving her a mid 15 which would have placed her in the final had it been on qualification day so frustrating.
Beam was also good with a slightly deep landing on dismount Becky did a fabulous job for the team & her competition was now over.

Ellie competed another strong bar routine but had a fall on her Arabian on beam , onto floor where she performed a strong routine but was given a step out which was questionable.
Onto the last Piece Vault Where Ellie performed an almost faultless Double which was landed solidly & on the middle line again a feeling of harsh scoring.
The Team finished in their highest position ever at an Olympic Games although it was slightly tinged with sadness as they had hopes of maybe taking a medal.

Finally Ellie's All Around Final 

Dreaming of a top ten finish But just missing out and finishing in 13th place.
Both floor & vault were both strong performances but today Bars didn't go to plan.
Fighting hard not to fall on a loss of form mid routine & ending in a very deep dismount with a stumble.
On to beam her last piece with an almost faultless routine to then count a fall on her most difficult dismount.
whilst this was obviously disappointing she knew without mistakes a top six finish was indeed achievable and is going forward into the next Olympic cycle proud to now be an Olympian alongside her sister and excited to see what she can achieve in the future .

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